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Across the ANZ Market

Across ANZ Market - Lagom

Where our passion has led us!
Expanding across the ANZ market!

Lagom has witnessed immense success and grown rapidly since its inception. We are pleased to announce that we have expanded to Australia and other parts of New Zealand. Lagom started its journey with just a couple of people without any office in 2016 and gradually succeeded its way to having 60+ people across ANZ market in less than 3 years.

We are excited to onboard Datacom Australia as our first Australian customer and plan to grow more along with our associates. Lagom’s value; “PATHOS” evidently reflects in our business transactions and success. This is since, we along with our associates have been working rigorously and effectively to successfully deliver to our existing and new customers.

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Our aim is to continue this momentum, work hard and grow across ANZ market. We would like to thank our customers, associates and partners for making it possible for us and would be thankful to have your continued support in the future.