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Data Team – The driving force of the project

Data - The driving force

The Data revolution is here and as predicted each project is affected by it. As we know, that data is one of the crucial parts of the project or as some might say “the driving force of the project.” It is also eminent that data management will remain as the business differentiator over the next few decades.

Data management is a rare capability and it has become difficult for businesses to cater to this requirement. As the regulatory compliances and policies have increased over the years, if has further created the need to capture, manage, and use the data effectively.

The data fanatics team that manages it for businesses to keep its operations and projects on-track consists of various team-players. Let’s discuss some of the key members of this clan:

Data Analyst

Everyone can look at the data and be inspired by it but having an in-depth technical understanding and analysis capability is a rare skillset. This is what outstands data analysts from the rest of the people.

Data analysts are prone to tools like R, Python and others which offer extensive data visualization and research capability. Their responsibilities vary across the projects from cleansing, analyzing and visualization to migration and reconciliation of data.

Data Developer

Data developers are data engineers who also have the knack of providing value to the business and enhancing the user-experience. They are more inclined towards programming and responsible for coding programmes to create scalable and productive data tracking solutions.

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Reporting Analyst/ Insight Analyst

Insights Analyst or Reporting analysts are responsible to transform gathered data into reports/ information which can be easily understood by business managers. Based on these reports, decisions could be made. This role revolves around interpreting data, developing database, identifying trends and providing status updates.

Data Lead

Data Lead; the most important role that holds together the complete data team in order to deliver the project effectively. Data lead is responsible to manage the data team, deal with the stakeholders and strategize data management activities. He/She is responsible to provide updates and timelines to the project manager. The lead must provide strategic direction to the team to refine and model data according to the business requirements.

Data management is undoubtedly one of the most in-demand skills in the 21st century. And as companies are on their journey to digital transformation, it is highly unlikely that data management would lose its popularity in near future.

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