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Having a vast experience across industries and over many years, one of the key highlights of Lagom’s capabilities are being a recognized ERP Consultants in New Zealand , consulting businesses to grow and increase efficiency. Understanding the business need and providing cost-effective and timely solutions has been a game-changer for Lagom. Our ERP consultants are renowned in the market for their capabilities and expertise.

Key features of Lagom’s capabilities

Key Capabilities

Alignment of products to business requirements

Business requirements vary business to business, industry to industry as well as problem to problem. Our ERP consultants focus on understanding the situation, business processes and existing capability of the business. We provide a cost-effective solution to reduce business’s complexity and maximize the utility of the existing capabilities. We do not have a force to sales concept, we believe in constructive assessment and provide rational as well as effective solution for your business requirements.

That is why we are known among the top ERP Consultants in New Zealand.

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Enablement of ERP products to meet Business Objectives

ERP has many aspects to it and is a complete solution for many organisations. The key thing to note is that the system doesn’t drive people, people drive systems. With this Philosophy in mind Lagom focuses on the business objective the customer is after and then works with them to ensure that all ERP technology is aligned to this objective and when implementations are being sized the overall outcome is being considered. For us the outcome is what makes a project / programme successful.

Commercially enable and assist with ERP Negotiations

Being a trusted partner of SAP and other ERP providers in New Zealand, we as well as our customers benefit competitive pricing and discounts offered by the providers. We assist in negotiating the enablement and license purchase of ERP solutions. We help businesses in negotiating a win-win situation for both the parties. Once, the product has been purchased, Lagom also helps the customer in setting it up and providing support whenever required.

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Let’s discuss your requirements. Lagom provides end-to-end ERP consultation services.