ERP Hosting Lagom

Lagom provides hosting solutions for DTAP (Development, Testing, Acceptance and Production). With the options of on-premise as well as cloud platform, we are one of the few ERP Hosting capabilities in the New Zealand market who provide a hybrid solution to the customers. Our hosting capabilities are across various business environments such as S/4 Hana, SQL and Oracle database.

Lagom is a trusted partner of Datacom and Microsoft Azure in New Zealand.

Microsoft Azure Hosting Solutions

SAP Hosting on Azure

Being one of the few trusted partners of Microsoft, we provide quality solutions to our customers. Microsoft Azure is a collaboration of different cloud computing services, which includes remotely hosted and managed versions of proprietary Microsoft technologies. With the unique offering of deployment of SAP on Microsoft Azure. Lagom has the capabilities of hosting and migrating SAP on Microsoft Azure.

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Datacom Hosting Solutions

SAP Hosting with Datacom

A collaborative hosting solution for the ERP customers to provide them an end-to-end implementation program. Lagom provides delivery management capabilities of assessing and understanding future business requirements, the benefits of migration, designing a strategic migration roadmap. Also, providing competitive migration costing and realizing overall total cost, migrating the database, evaluation and support system. Partnering with Datacom as our hosting providers help us provide quality services as well as at competitive prices.

We help you across various ERP Hosting processes and systems.