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ERP Trends in 2020

ERP Trends 2020 - Lagom

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) – the integrated business solution is designed to manage business data, operations and performance activities such as accounting, inventory management, reporting, analytics. Recently, ERP solutions have witnessed a steady growth in the market. Major players include SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and a few others.

Following are some of the ERP business trends which will play an important role in the upcoming time:

The SaaS Era

All major software and platform developments are taking place on the cloud. Big ERP solution providers such as SAP, Oracle & Salesforce are pushing their customers to migrate to cloud. Due to the nature of these solutions; it has become imperative for businesses to continuously develop and be at pace with the market.

Consultants need to continuously upskill themselves and be on pace with the market trends and learnings to overcome the SaaS challenges.

Capability Shortage

ERP consultants are considered as highly skilled individuals and with continuous development of new technologies, we can predict capability shortage hitting the market soon. The upcoming ERP solutions require specialised skills and trainings which will become a challenge for existing labour. However, it is also an opportunity for the consultants to upskill.

Change management is more important than ever

Change Management plays a key role in minimising the risk possessed by the new system and ensure smoother and efficient transformation. It builds a strong structure and engages employees to embrace the organisational change. It is important for organisations to consider change as an important activity and invest on it. Change managers need to understand the disruptive effect that the ERP solutions will have in the upcoming time and how their role will transform in this new era.

ERP implementation failures

Considering the complexity and the scale of implementing ERP projects, it is noticed that there is a high project failure rate in the market. With the new solutions to be further complex and lack of capability in the market, would further increase the implementation failure rate in ANZ.

ERP Specialisation will be popular

As the solutions are becoming more and more effective and focused, similarly consultants would need to be specialised and focused. ERP Projects would require contractors who are experts or specialist in certain ERP value streams.

ANZ market has seen extensive growth in the recent years and it continues to throttle in the same pace. It is important for us to keep a check on the latest trends, upskill ourselves, learn from implementation challenges and focus on effective delivery.

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