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Lagom and SAP SuccessFactors

Lagom & Successfactor

SAP SuccessFactors covers virtually all Human Resources processes, it is equipped with mobility and allowing applications to be consumed in multi-device and cross-platform environment. Lagom has the capability to implement and support SAP SuccessFactors solution across ANZ market.

Below are the reasons for going forward with us:

  • Transform your Human Resources Department:

Lagom along with SAP SuccessFactors has the necessary capability and a platform to boost your workforce and your company’s business results while responding to today’s talent challenges.

With this human resource system, your workforce can have the opportunity to develop in a culturally diverse, mobile and capable environment to meet your needs, provide training, development and incentives.

  • Build a solid foundation

With SuccessFactors patented technology and Lagom’s extensive experience, your company would be able to prepare its workforce for tomorrow.

This technology allows your company to have intuitive tools to form groups and share knowledge. As well as it offers support for all business units, payment and benefit structures, audit capabilities, intuitive time and assistance tools and intelligent service capabilities that allow deliver a better service to all employees and managers of the company.

  • Know your talent needs

Labor planning allows companies to guarantee their preparation to face the challenges of the future. With Lagom’s resourcing and SAP SuccessFactors capabilities, your human resources department will be able to plan your workforce, analyze business problems and decide on future scenarios, project the size and shape of the workforce required to execute the business strategy, identify business risks. the workforce determines how to integrate workforce strategies into general corporate strategies and how to measure success.

Lagom HR

  • Attract and hire the best talent

Much of the success of the companies is due to the quality and talent of the professionals it has; But how to achieve it?

SAP SuccessFactors offers features and recruitment modules that will allow you to promote the best and most creative recruitment strategies. From start to finish to hire and attract the best candidates, contractors and external resources in the labor market.

  • Reduce productivity time and increase retention

In some companies, it is common to see how new employees spend months being a burden for their superior rather than support. With the SAP solution of SuccessFactors and its Onboarding module it is possible to create and customize the incorporation of new employees in order to obtain much faster, more productive and committed hiring from day one.


  • Set goals and give feedback

Today, organizations need to rely on collaborators who understand the strategy and business objectives clearly. Also to ensure this, they need to carry out performance evaluations.

With SAP SuccessFactors it is possible to manage the performance of your employees while their activities are aligned, and continuous and meaningful feedback is provided.


The above provides an understanding about few of the features and benefits that the Lagom along with SuccessFactors can offer. It is really important to understand the need to change and create ease for your company.

Remember that when you rely on quality resources and technologies to manage the processes of your employees. You get great benefits such as: attract and retain the best human talent, increase efficiency, promote organizational values ​​such as quality and teamwork, motivate performance of employees and reward the performance of employees for their own satisfaction and that of the organization.

Lagom has successfully delivered and provided support for SAP Successfactor projects in the ANZ market. Understanding the demand of the market, we have right capability and resources required for Successfactor projects.