RFP (Request for Proposal) process will have a significant impact on the outcome of the programme/project initiative. We provide end-to-end enablement while assisting with the creation, issuance, and realisation of the RFP.

We help the customers to reach out to vendors for specific business requirements holistically.


RFP Enablement - Lagom

From Market-Scanning to RFP to selecting the right product/platform, Lagom provides end-to-end support to our customers as per their requirements. We enable our customers in assessing the business requirements and selecting the solution in a robust, fair and timely manner. Our process involves scanning the market, understanding current state, proposing future state, managing vendors, RFPs and helping business in selection process. We use industry best-practices and have scalable frameworks which help us to accelerate the overall process and ensure that we are outcome-centric rather product-centric.


Programme/Project Implementations iare a highly complex, cumbersome, and expensive initiative and it requires extensive planning and scoping. Lagom’s approach and frameworks enable customer in understanding the scope and size of the project implementations. We assist in identifying the key resource requirements, mitigating change and implementation risks, and devising the right implementation and deployment strategies. Our team has vast experience in sizing projects impacting from 50 people to 10,000+ people.

Implementation Sizing - Lagom


Business Case

Lagom ensures there is a clarity on scope, costs, delivery plan, business impacts and the benefits/required outcomes driving the reason why the project/programme is to be undertaken.

This includes ensuring that there is alignment with the business strategy and that this is understood and that the respective business owners who are responsible to achieve the benefits have bought into this. Business case is also a useful catalyst to ensure the stakeholders and governance is constructed in the right manner to get the project/programme started in the right way.