Lagom Delivery management

Lagom with over years of experience has successfully provided delivery management services to its customers. We have the capabilities and our expertise have rescued and managed various projects. These projects vary from small to large multi-million corporate projects.

Independent Quality Assurance (IQA)

IQAS - Lagom

Many projects/programmes need advice and assurance that has a holistic viewpoint and is focused to ensure that the overall outcomes are being worked towards. Our expertise in providing Independent Quality Assurance has led us to achieve greater success for our clients.

At Lagom, we have the experience and exposure in providing Independent Quality Assurance which takes into consideration the following aspects:

The changing risk profile for the programme as it moves through its phases
Any changes in the business strategy and/or market conditions since business case approval
Organisational and sector specific risks/challenges
Vendor and Technology challenges.

These need to be understood and the key is to ensure that risks are clearly articulated, understood and mitigated with measurable results.

Project/Programme Governance

Lagom - Governance

It is critical to get the right governance structure in place when mobilising a project/programme. Governance setup isn’t just about having a Steering Committee. It is about working with the operational and executive stakeholders to outline roles/responsibilities so that all parties are clear on how they contribute to the overall outcome. Also, it enables the flow of information both up and down the governance structure. It is also about ensuring the technology teams are represented and engaged in the correct manner.

Governance can make or break it!.

We provide delivery solutions to help you in setting up governance structure.

Request For Proposal (RFP) Creation, Issuance and Realisation

Business Case

With regards to getting best results and outcomes for our clients we also assist with creation, issuance and realisation of RFP. These can range from a discrete piece of work to something that goes across multiple years and departments. The outcome from an RFP will have a significant impact on the outcome of an initiative.

We help the customers to reach out to vendors for specific business requirements in holistically.

Project/Programme Rescue

Program Rescue - Lagom

During the execution phase there can be instances when key stakeholders may feel that they are in a situation that requires a fresh pair of eyes/hands involved to ensure that risks are clearly understood and appropriately mitigated to ensure that they are on track to achieve the overall required outcomes.

Lagom has extensive experience with pragmatic approaches to getting projects/programmes back on track.

Digital Enablement

Digital Enablement - Lagom

Being digital is what every organisation is aspiring towards in this day as well as age but what does that really mean.

We work with our clients to ensure:

They have the right principles around being digital
Using the right foundation
They have the right technology
These need to operate in harmony to give the customers the desired result.

Business Case

RFP Enablement - Lagom

Working with our customers, Lagom ensures that there is a clarity around scope, costs, delivery plan and the benefits driving the reason why the project/programme is to be undertaken. This includes ensuring alignment with the business strategy is understood also a commitment as well as an understanding from the respective business owners who are responsible to achieve the benefits. Business case’s are also a good way to ensure the stakeholders and governance is constructed in the right manner to get the project/programme started in the right way.

That is why we are known as the experts in Delivery Management.